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St. James’ Episcopal Church

28 Prospect Ave, Eureka Springs, AR  72632

Church Phone:  (479) 253-8610

Email:  stjameseureka@gmail.com  Website:  stjameschurch.live  Facebook:  St. James’ Eureka Springs

Weekly Newsletter:  April 7 – 13


If you would like to submit an article, please send it to the church email account no later than Tuesday night for inclusion in the following week’s announcements.




  • New or Revised Items


  • A THANK YOU NOTE FROM KAREN RALPH:  Thank you to my St. James’ family for your notes and cards, calls, texts, and emails over the past year which provided Bill and me with encouragement and strength to face each new day and the challenges it brought to us. When we made the decision to stop treatment and begin hospice, a single communication and request for help resulted in an immediate response of love, support, food, and companionship. The morning Bill passed away, we were never alone. So many friends from St. James’ came to be with us.

 “I would like to thank the following people and groups for their amazing support during the last few days of Bill’s life:  Fr. John Burton, Fr. Ben Helmer and Fr. David Angus who administered, respectively, the Laying on of Hands and Anointing, Last Rites, and the Commendation for the Dead; Pat Gunn & Cathy Pappenfus and their Pastoral Care Team for coordinating everything so our needs were met; for Carol Belt’s friendship to both Bill and I, and her help during Bill’s last few days; for Jane Helmer, Art Perry & Hugh Naftel, Pamela Tami, Darlene Simmons, and Al & Cheri Lacock who visited, arrived with gifts, food, flowers and helped me select pictures, music, floral arrangements, helped rearrange my furniture, and kept me company following Bill’s passing; and to everyone who prayed for us, who were with us in spirit, who visited, and conveyed so much love which brought me through this difficult time. I am grateful!”

  • PDF 1st SUNDAY:  This coming Sunday, April 7, the “loose plate” offering will go to the Parish Discretionary Fund (PDF) to be used to help those in the local area who need financial assistance.  If you choose to write a check, please make it out to “St. James’ Episcopal Church” and write “PDF” on the memo line. Thank you!


  • SPECIAL COFFEE HOUR THIS SUNDAY:  Karen and Tom Pryor invite everyone to join us for Coffee Hour this Sunday, April 7.  We will be celebrating Opal Andrews’ birthday (April 3) with cake and ice cream. No gifts please.  But she loves cards!


  • LAST LENTEN KAFFEE KLATSCH & EVENING PRAYER THIS TUESDAY:  Fr. David will host/lead the last Lenten Kaffee Klatsch & Evening Prayer this Tuesday.  The Kaffee Klatsch will be held in the undercroft at 5:00 PM, followed by Evening Prayer in the church at 6:00 PM.  Come for informal conversation and an additional opportunity to worship.


  • LAST CHANCE TO ORDER EASTER LILIES!  This is the last week to order lilies to help decorate the church for Easter.  Forms are available in the narthex — just fill out a form to designate the person(s) you would like the flowers given in memory of or in thanksgiving for.  Include $10 per plant (either check or cash) with the order form, enclose in the envelope provided, and put in the offering plate on Sunday or mail to the church office.  The names of those being honored will be listed in the Easter bulletin.

Continuing Items

  • SAINT JAMES’ YARD SALE:  We are planning to hold a Saint James’ Yard Sale on Friday, April 26, and Saturday, April 27.  Please mark your calendar and consider helping. All proceeds will go to the Parish Discretionary Fund (PDF) to help those in need in our local area.

    • Donating Items:  We will be accepting items all day at St. James’ House on Thursday, April 25.  No clothing, please. If you need help getting things in or Thursday won’t work for you we can make other arrangements.

    • Donating Time:  Sign-up sheets will be posted in the undercroft.

    • Questions?:  Contact Lizette Carter at (870) 423-4991 or liztod@windstream.net


  • 2019 ALTAR FLOWER LIST POSTED:  The 2019 Altar Flower List is posted on the bulletin board in the undercroft. There are still MANY “blank” Sundays — please consider donating to one (or more) of them!  If you’d like to donate altar flowers on a given Sunday (in thanksgiving for or in memory of someone), please put the requested information on the list and place $30 in the offering plate, annotated with “Altar Flowers” and your name on the envelope (if by cash) or on the memo line (if by check).  Thank you!


  • ALZHEIMER’S & DEMENTIA CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP:  Mercy Hospital’s geriatric mental health program Senior Life Solutions hosts this support group to offer resources, comfort and support for those who are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia.  The group meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 2:00-4:00 pm at the Senior Life Solutions Department at Mercy Hospital in Berryville. It is free of cost. Please join them if you are a caregiver in need of support. For more information, call (870) 423-5299.


  • PASTORAL CARE TEAM (PCT) REQUEST:  Sometimes a member of the St. James’ family is faced with a situation that may require assistance with help such as meals after surgery, rides to appointments, etc.  Other times there are situations where only a card or phone call is needed. If someone becomes aware that “one of ours” is ill, has lost a loved one, etc., the Coordinator of the Pastoral Care Team should be called.  The number for the Coordinator is in the bulletin every week as well. The Coordinator will then reach out to the person in question. This allows the Coordinator to get a feel for what help is really needed and also adds the much appreciated personal touch.  Thank you all for taking time to extend concern and fellowship through use of the PCT.


  • BAGS OF BLESSINGS:  We continue to need/collect items for Bags of Blessings.  We are looking for small toiletries such as shampoo, soap, toothbrushes/toothpaste, combs, etc.  Items collected will go to Flint Street and Cup of Love. Please contact Kathy McCoy, (316) 258-1038, if you have any questions.


  • CHURCH DIRECTORY:  Directions for accessing our Online Church Directory are provided on the undercroft bulletin board.  This will gain you access to all active church members’ contact information. If you would like a printed version of the entire directory (including church history, Vestry members, a list of church activities and points of contact, birthday list, and “Friends & Away Contacts”), please email the church office stjameseureka@gmail.com.



                        Pastoral Care Team:

                       Team Coordinator:  Pat Gunn, (479) 363-6442

                       This Week’s Team Leader:  Fr. Ben Helmer, (479) 244-0482

                     Birthdays:  (Have we missed yours?  Please let the Church Office know!)

                     11 Heather Gustin


  • SUNDAY, Apr 7

  • Schedule:     8:00 AM:  Worship Service

                                8:45 AM: Breakfast in the Undercroft

                                9:15 AM: Adult Sunday School in St. James’ House

                               10:30 AM: Worship Service with music

                               11:45 AM: EfM Class in St. James’ House


  • Lessons:      THIS Week (Lent 5)                 NEXT Week (Palm Sunday)

                                Isaiah 43:16-21                         Isaiah 50:4-9a

                                Psalm 126                                  Psalm 31:9-16

                                Philippians 3:4b-14                  Philippians 2:5-11

                                John 12:1-8                                 Luke 22:14 – 23:56

  • Schedule Reminders:

                                          8:00 AM Service             10:30 AM Service

              Altar Guild:       Debbie Hartwell                Cathy Pappenfus

              Acolyte:              Steve Holifield                   Cathy Pappenfus

              Reader 1:            Jerry Lee Carter                Carol Belt

              Reader 2:            Lizette Carter                     Shane Gasser

              Deacon/EM:       Steve Holifield                   Kent Turner

              Ushers:               Dennis Hartwell                 Jim & Kathy McCoy

             Counters:                                                           Art Perry / Kent Turner

  • Coffee & Conversation Hosts:   Tom & Karen Pryor

  • Altar Flowers:   No altar flowers during Lent.


  • MONDAY, Apr 8

          5:30 PM – Bishop’s Committee Meeting

  • TUESDAY, Apr 9

          5:00 PM – Kaffee Klatsch & 6 PM Evening Prayer

  • WEDNESDAY, Apr 3

          4:30 PM – Choir Practice

  • THURSDAY, Apr 4

          9:30 AM – Cursillo/Journey Reunion Group


  • April

          18 – 9:30 AM, Fill & Deliver Flint St Easter Food Baskets

          18 – 6:00 PM, Agape Dinner followed by Maundy Thursday Service

          19 – Good Friday Services:  Noon (regular service) & 6 PM (Stations of the Cross)

          20 – 6 PM, Easter Vigil

          26 – 10:30 AM, Peachtree Gospel Sing at Holiday Island

          26 & 27 – St. James’ Yard Sale


  • May

            2 – 6:00 PM, Taize Service

            6 – 5:30 PM, ECW Meeting

            13 – 5:30 PM, Bishop’s Committee Meeting

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