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 St. James’ Episcopal Church

28 Prospect Ave, Eureka Springs, AR  72632

Church Phone:  (479) 253-8610

Email:  stjameseureka@gmail.com  Website:  stjameschurch.live

Church Directory:  instantchurchdirectory.com       …and find us on Facebook!

Weekly Newsletter:  March 15 – 21


All on-site Sunday fellowship activities (Including Eucharistic services, Adult formation, breakfast, coffee hour, etc.)  will be temporarily suspended as of March 14, 2020, in light of overriding health guidelines, regarding the Covid-19 outbreak. Parishioners are encouraged to worship privately and maintain a healthy vigilance in light of this development. May God’s protective grace cover all.

If you would like to submit an article, please send it to the church email account no later than Tuesday night for inclusion in the following week’s announcements.


  • New or Revised Items

  • CHURCH “ADJUSTMENTS” PERTAINING TO THE CORONA (COVID-19) VIRUS:  A copy of the Bishop’s guidance on how Arkansas Episcopal churches will respond to the Corona virus was emailed to all yesterday; a paper copy of that guidance is also posted in the church narthex (entry).  In support of the Bishop’s policies, we at St. James’ will take the following additional actions:

    • No Breakfast will be served between Sunday services.

    • No food will be served at Coffee Hour.

These actions will be re-evaluated following Good Friday, April 10.


  • SINGLE SERVICE at 10:00 AM:  Our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Larry Benfield, will be visiting St. James’ this Sunday, March 15, at which time he .  ONE SERVICE will be held at 10:00 am, when two individuals will be confirmed.  As part of the Bishop’s visit, any loose offering or designated funds will be given to his discretionary account.  The Bishop’s Fund consists of gifts that are not a part of the normal operating income of the diocese. You may give to this fund by putting cash or a check (made out to “St. James’ Episcopal Church”, with “Bishop’s Fund” on the memo line) in the offering plate, or by texting ‘EPISCOAR’ to 73256.

  • Irish Potato Bar CANCELLED:  The Irish Potato Bar will NOT be held this Sunday, but please stay tuned for a possible “revisit” in the future!

  • PEACHTREE GOSPEL SING CANCELLED:  We will not hold our Peachtree Gospel Sing next Friday, March 20.  Anything we can do to protect those we love (including our vulnerable Peachtree friends) and to protect ourselves from the Corona Virus, we want to do.  Let’s sing at home as we pray for all God’s beloved children. Mtr. Betsy+

  • EASTER LILIES!  In the midst of all the virus angst, let us look forward with hope and joy to the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!  Please consider ordering lilies to help decorate the church for Easter — the names of those being honored will be listed in the Easter bulletin.  Orders will be taken through Sunday, April 5; order forms and envelopes are available in the church narthex. Just fill out an order form to designate the person(s) you would like the flowers given in memory of or in thanksgiving for.  Include $10 per plant (either check or cash) with the order form, enclose in the envelope provided, and put in the offering plate on Sunday or mail to the church office.

  • Continuing Items

    • IT TAKES A VILLAGE AND WE ARE A VILLAGE!  It has been customary for ECW and friends to take on an outreach project during Lent.  In recent years, we have provided Easter food baskets for Flint Street families. This year we are doing something a little different:

      • PROJECT #1:  We will be providing the baskets to three families with a number of children.  Instead of asking you to sign up for items, we have placed all the needs on slips of paper on the bulletin board between the undercroft restrooms.  We invite all of you (men, women and kids) to take a slip of paper (or more than one) and bring your item(s) back during Lent. There will be a container in the undercroft for your contributions.  If you choose a perishable item(s), please bring that food just before our assembly of the baskets on April 9. ECW will purchase hams and other items.

      • PROJECT #2:  We know of a family with five teenagers who need shoes.  We will be taking them to Walmart to get new shoes. ECW will pay for this out of our outreach funds which we have earned through the parking lot project.  Thanks in advance for making our community a better place. We couldn’t do the things we do without your help. God bless you. Mother Betsy +

  • 2020 ALTAR FLOWERS SIGN-UP SHEET:  The 2020 Altar Flowers sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board. If you would like to donate altar flowers on a given Sunday, please submit $30 to the church office (either through the Sunday offering plate or the mail) prior to each date for which you’ve signed up.  Thank you!


                        Pastoral Care Team:

                        Team Coordinator:  Pat Gunn, (479) 363-6442

                        This Week’s Team Leader:  Pat Gunn, (479) 363-6442

                 Birthdays:  (Have we missed yours?  Please let the Church Office know!)

                The Church Office is not aware of any birthdays this week…..


  • SUNDAY, March 15

  • Schedule:   10:00 AM:  Worship Service with Music (Bishop’s Visit)


  • Lessons:      THIS Week (Lent 3)                  NEXT Week (Lent 4)

                                Exodus 17:1-7                           1 Samuel 16:1-13

                                Psalm 95                                   Psalm 23

                                Romans 5:1-11                          Ephesians 5:8-14

                                John 4:5-42                               John 9:1-41

  • Schedule Reminders:

                                                    10:00 AM Service

                            Altar Guild:      Hugh / Art

                                 Acolyte:       Art Perry

                              Reader 1:       Woodie Acord

                              Reader 2:       Kent Turner

                          Deacon/EM:       Hugh Naftel

                                 Ushers:       TBD / TBD

                              Counters:       Jane Helmer / TBD

  • Coffee & Conversation Host(s):   No food served until further notice…..

  • Altar Flowers:   No flowers during Lent…..

  • TUESDAY, March 17

          5:30 PM – Bishop’s Committee meeting

  • WEDNESDAY, March 18

          4:30 PM – Choir Practice


  • April

          2 – 6:00 PM, Taize Service

          3 – 10:30 AM, Peachtree Gospel Sing at Holiday Island

          6 – 5:30 PM, ECW Dinner Meeting

          9 – 9:30 AM, Preparation and Delivery of Outreach Easter Food Baskets

          13 – 5:30 PM, Bishop’s Committee Meeting

  • May

         4 – 5:30 PM, ECW Dinner Meeting

         7 – 6:00 PM, Taize Service

        11 – 5:30 PM, Bishop’s Committee Meeting

        15 – 10:30 AM, Peachtree Gospel Sing at Holiday Island

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