Location and Parking

St. James’ is located within walking distance to several bed & breakfasts and the historic Crescent Hotel on the Historic Route.


Facility Accessibility Update

Signs are being posted near the main church entrance and near the undercroft outside steps, to remind users of the accessibility options available at St. James.

At the main church entrance a sign will indicate that wheelchair access is available using the portable ramp, currently stored in the sacristy.  Additionally, both main entrance doors can be opened to facilitate easier entrance for wheelchairs or other devices. The signage will also indicate the availability of the chair lift to provide access to the undercroft.

Lastly, a sign is being made to indicate the caution required to use the outside steps to the undercroft if they are wet, or otherwise obstructed. In the presence of ice or snow, these steps are not to be used and the alternative path to the undercroft, through the main church doors and interior stairs, or chair lift, will be used. If conditions allow, these steps will be physically blocked to preclude their use in freezing precipitation conditions.

Lastly, the current pending restoration project will entail construction of an ADA compliant ramp, to allow access to the St. James’ House interior. This project is still pending approval from state agencies.  

The congregation will be notified, if any of these access conditions should change.