Weekly Announcements: May 20 – 26th

Weekly Announcements 2017Weekly Announcement Items: If you would like to submit an article please send it to the church e-mail account: stjameseureka@gmail.com.

➢ New Items


➢ Continuing Items

Cornerstone Parking Lot: There is a sign-up sheet on bulletin board in the undercroft for help with the Cornerstone Parking Lot on Saturday, June 9. This year’s proceeds will be split between the ECW and Vestry Outreach Fund. We need volunteers for two-hour shifts from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm. Come join the fun!

Camp Mitchell Fundraiser Help Needed: We are looking for multiple volunteers to coordinate a fundraiser campaign for Camp Mitchell. Many small donations turn into big donations. If interested, contact Rick DeLaney or David Vanselow.

■ Prayer Shawl Ministry Update: St. James’ Prayer Shawl Ministry (“Common Threads”) continues to make prayer shawls for the community, primarily for hospice. We recently “connected” with the Arkansas Children’s Northwest Hospital, who is accepting a variety of handmade items. For information on knitted items, such as blankets/quilts, hats, pillows, pillowcases, and teaching dolls, check out their website: http://www.archildrens.org/support-us/volunteer-engagement/donating-toys-and-gifts/needlework-donations. For more information about this ministry, please contact Carol Belt (carol.belt1@cox.net).


HELP!! Call for Servers: We are in desperate need of individuals to serve (especially at the 8:00 AM service) on Altar Guild and/or as Acolytes, Readers, Ushers, and Counters. Please consider helping and contact Hugh Naftel (naftel721@cox.net), or Art Perry (perry721@cox.net).


■ Pastoral Care Team :
Team Coordinator: David Sims, (479) 459-3039
This Week’s Team Leader: Jane Acord, (479) 244-6035

Birthdays: (Have we missed yours? Please let the Church Office know!)

22 Ariel Clark
23 Laura Barker
25 Keith “Snuffy” Ketchum
26 Pat Gunn


■ Schedule : 8:00 AM: Worship Service
8:45 AM: Breakfast
9:15 AM: Adult Formation Class in SJH
10:30 AM: Worship Service with Music
3:00 PM: St. James’ Youth Group (6th-12th grades) in SJH

■ Lessons:
This Week (Whitsunday-Pentecost): Acts 2:1-21, Psalm 104:25-35, 37, Romans 8:22-27, John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15

Next Week (Trinity Sunday): Isiah 6:1-8, Canticle 13, Romans 8:12-17, John 3:1-17

■ Supply Clergy: Rev. Ben Helmer

■ Schedule Reminders:

8:00 AM Service                                   10:30 AM Service
Altar Guild:   Caden Campbell          Jane Acord
Acolyte:          Gigi Cottrell                  Jane Acord
Reader 1:       Fr. Richard Clark         Carol Belt
Reader 2:       Steve Holifield              Woodie Acord
Deacon/EM:  Gigi Cottrell                   Hugh Naftel
Usher:            Steve Holifield              Dennis and Cathy Pappenfus
Counters:     Don Omundson and Art Perry

Coffee & Conversation Hosts: Jim M. & Don and Jeanne Omundson

Altar Flowers: Given by David Vanselow in honor of granddaughter Sophia’s 5th birthday.

4:30 PM – Choir Practice

9:30 AM – Cursillo/Journey Reunion Group


➢ May
23 and 24 – 6 -9:00 PM, Vestry Retreat at House of Blessings! 🙂

➢ June
10 – 6:00 PM, Taize Service
22 – 5:30 PM, Vestry Meeting