What is baptism?

From the first century, the followers of Christ practiced baptism as a primary Sacrament of the Church. Essentially, baptism is a response to God’s love for us. Through this sacrament we are initiated as members of the Body of Christ, and we are offered the assurance of God’s grace and forgiveness.

What about infants and children?

In the Episcopal tradition, a person may be baptized at any age. Parents who bring their young children to be baptized make an additional commitment to raise these children in the Christian faith. For infants and children, it is required that at least one parent be an active member of St. James’.

When can I be baptized?

Each baptism is a celebration of the whole church. Typically, baptisms are celebrated on Sundays, and on special occasions when the meaning of baptism can be particularly highlighted.

How do I sign up?

Fill out the Adult Baptism Form or the Infant Baptism Form. When complete, return the form to any of our clery or staff. If you have any other questions, please contact
Father Dennis


Adult Baptism Form
Infant Baptism Form